New bathroom III

Still haven't decided on my new bathroom... but have  picked up a few New England inspired ideas at the Remodeling Centre. I especially like the wood panels, the white and the oversized shower.


  1. If I were to choose, I would pick the top left bathroom design. It’s so immaculately white, that it feels so refreshing and so clean! I also love the glass door that separates the shower from the rest of the room. It definitely feels good to bathe and stay in a bathroom as clean as this one.

    -Lilia Ogata

  2. I like your taste for bathroom designs, Lilia! Pure white colored bathrooms truly look so neat and refreshing to the eyes. I’d like to imitate the concept of the photo on the upper left. With various light color combinations everywhere, in addition to the natural lighting, just being in this bathroom alone already feels satisfying.

    Gabrielle Jeromy

  3. I agree, white is the best! We're about to renovate two at the same time and they will both be white at least the tiles, furnitures and bath suite.

  4. Wow! I love the three bathroom designs! I might consider mixing and matching the three designs for my bathroom. Hmm… Immaculate white looks awesome, but I’ll always prefer blue over any other color. Thanks for the ideas!

    -Althea Tumlin

  5. It's just too difficult! Too mans gooddesigns!

  6. What a charming, refreshing design, I'm absolutely in love with your bathroom! I'm ok with mine but I really need to renovate the kitchen - it's hideous. Could you recommend me any good kitchen suppliers aberdeen?


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