Fall colors by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore together with Pottery Barn each season puts together a collection of paints. I love it, it matches the Pottery Barn style and feel and I wish it was a way of getting the actual colors not just sample decks in Europe... A selection of the colors below. I think I am going to redecorate the study with the Newburyport Blue. More inspirational pictures here


  1. So funny you love Benjamin Moore and I love Farrow and Ball which can be difficult to get here

  2. Grass is always greener! :0) What Benjamine Moore does nicely that f&b doesn't is putting the paints in settinge working with Pottery Barn, where you feel you just have to go out get oaint and redo your study/ livingsroom/ bedroom. Must admit I am waiting for the new Farrow & Ball book to be delivered though...


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