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We are about to take on a kitchen extension and the list of decisions is, or at least seem like, endless! One though one is how the patio door should look like and whether they should be folding, French, special designed you name it. Fortunately, I found this picture on Beautiful Homes US and these are the doors I want!


  1. That patiodoor looks awesome. Wish I had one!

    mudroom storage

    1. I agree they make such a huge difference in a room!

  2. Great find! I love this four-panel French patio door because it gives enough natural lighting and a wider view of the surroundings. This is a perfect place to set your dining table. Isn’t it good to dine here in the morning as the sun rises and the door is wide open to let the fresh breeze come in?

    >Terry Arnold

  3. Well, if you have a patio door like this, you'd definitely enjoy your breakfast! I really love it when I eat with my family and we have a wonderful view outside. Likewise, feeling the cool wind makes my mornings even more beautiful!

    Rodney Orton

  4. They are my inspiration for our existing patio doors and I have not regretted the decision one single second! Classic yet modern with clean lines!

  5. It sure brings more light and fresh air in to a room. If it’s going to be for your kitchen extension, I believe this would look great in it! Look at how spacious it makes the room. Very nice, isn’t it?

    Marla Hinds


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