Bathroom a la Restoration Hardware

More inspirational pictures from Restoration Hardware, who has their new style book for A/W 12 out. Bathrooms are on my agenda as I am still in the decision process for not just one but two bathroom renovations (that will take place at the same time sometime in the next 6 months or so). I kinda know what I want: modern classic that will marry with the house's architecture and keep for at least 10 years. And maybe most importantly both I and any potential buyers will have to love it! For inspiration from Restoration I would mix the three styles below: classic, contemporary and some industrial.

 Love the shape of the bath and the vanity unit above and that the mix of white and wood makes this room feel very warm and inviting. Exactly what you want from a bathroom!
 Also love this more masculine style of the bath and the open shelf under the vanity and the porthole styled mirrors. Clean lines and subtle colors would last forever...
And love these sink consoles even though they might be on the big side.


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