New Bathroom Design

This is the year of not just one but two bathroom renovations and I am quite clear in my head on what I want, but it seem to be oh so difficult to find it on a shop floor, not to mention the complexity of not being able to just walk into one shop and get it all... I'm looking for classic modern/ contemporary but not boring something like this i.e. Pottery Barn always delivers!


  1. This bathroom is just so great that I would love to stay here while reading my favorite book :-)

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  2. I agree! Beautiful, classic yet very up to date! My style in a nutshell!

  3. This is surely a great thing. Nice ideas by the way, I think having adequate bathroom lighting is essential to the whole design. It's the style that I would often prefer when it comes to bathrooms, it's simple yet maintaining elegance.

  4. Part of interior design is the bathroom part, and if you are looking for a stunning outcome of restroom so better to use frosted glass. Nice to be here.

  5. I just love having mirrors inside the bathroom because they improve your bathroom’s appearance and are useful as well. When I remodeled are bathroom, I added some glass doors and sink to complement the pure pearl white color of our bathroom. My husband was surprised when he got back from a week-long vacation, and all he could say was that it looks perfect. Haha! Maybe next time he goes for a vacation, I’ll try to place a large mirror in our dining room and wait for his reaction.

    Bonita Bramer

    1. I too love large mirrors. We have a massive one in the hallway and it makes such a difference in a narrow Victorian house! And will be putting another massive one in the new loft bathroom.


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