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As I have mentioned several times before, London houses look almost identical when it comes to layout, some are wide than other and some have more floors but all in all they all look the same. For good and bad, bad as it is a bit boring to look for new properties and good because you can find a great layout tried and tested and change your house in to it! And I think thats what I will do in our next house using this layout, Open up the hallway but keep pocket doors to the living room, which gives you a larger entrance and you can still close off the living room and love the little work area between the kitchen and living room and the internal doors mirroring the doors to the garden!

Also assuming they have dug a basement where the TV hang out is...

Photos Blake London 


  1. I love this style of design! Check out my blog!

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  3. Innovative style of designs. Such type of designs makes the Home Design different and creative so that it looks unique.


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