Kitchen Islands

Skona Hem recently had a feature on kitchen island and there are plenty of nice designs to chose from. My issue is that I am really looking for bathroom inspiration which seem to be much more difficult to get hold of... Yes I know kitchen sell houses and bathrooms are not at all as exciting to do but they are equally important! Anyway, if you are thinking of getting a new kitchen island or upgrading the one you have there are a few things to think about; 

- Don't try to cram a too large island into an existing kitchen, mark it with tape on the floor and leave it  for a few days to see how you get on!

- Leave at least 100 cm/ 40 inches around the island to be able to move around comfortably

- If your design allows for the island to be moved, consider to put it on wheels. We have and it works really well for the occasions when you need that little bit of extra space.

- If you are installing a hob, you need at least 40 cm/ 15 inches worktop on each side of the hob

- installing just a hob and a fan is much easier then a sink in a kitchen island (especially if only electrical hob)

A few of my favorites from the Skona Hem kitchen island inspirational gallery below. Enjoy!


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