Restoration Hardware Fix

Every now and then I browse the Restoration Hardware site, it is not close to as inspirational as their shops are (unfortunately...) but for a quick fix and some ideas it never fails to deliver. If the business development team of Restoration happens to reads this please consider opening a shop in London, you will have at least one loyal customer! :0)


  1. The big map on the wall is amazing, do you know where I can find something like that?

    1. Depends on where you live. In the US and Canada this is sold in Restoration Hardware. In the UK you can find old maps in art/ map shops. There are a few around London if you are local, we just found one that are being colored to our liking. An alternative, but not everyones taste is sea charts which come in yellowish tones or grey

  2. ps you want to look at maps done around 1900 or replicas of them. Good hunting!

  3. let's be realistic.If you have ever walked into a Restoration Hardware store,you have dribbled,just a little bit.They have consummated a mix of natural contemporary that couple of different retailers have, and I love it.
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